Lakeuden Etappi is a waste management company that is owned by eight municipalities and operates in Southern Ostrobothnia.

Lakeuden Etappi wanted to reform the functions of the waste management centres and the recycling plants to meet the needs of the company today and in the future. The new MaterialPort ERP system was developed and introduced together with four other municipal waste management companies and Elenium Oy.

MaterialPort Center at Ilmajoki’s waste management centre

Lakeuden Etappi uses the MaterialPort Center ERP system at its waste management centre in Ilmajoki. Following its introduction, the pre-registration of waste transports are made in MaterialPort electronically, and the use of the scale as well as weighing events shall be carried out by utilising the system. Any waste load inspections and changes to product details can be made via the modern and user-friendly mobile or desktop interface.
Other important features include the diverse inventory management functions and integrations to the company’s other systems. MaterialPort Control shall also be introduced for the operation of the area’s access control.

MaterialPort Station at Seinäjoki’s recycling plant

MaterialPort Station allows Lakeuden Etappi’s new, self-service recycling plant that shall be completed in 2021 to be used with the help of a mobile application.

The service will make it easier and more diverse for consumers to carry out tasks at the recycling station, including guidance and payments. At the same time MaterialPort Lense and MaterialPort Signage shall also be introduced which shall allow the registration plates of arriving vehicles to be identified and thus guidance can be provided on the information displays.