Vestia Oy is a waste management company in Northern Ostrobothnia which is jointly owned by 16 municipalities. Vestia is responsible for offering statutory waste management services in the area of its owner municipalities.

Together with four other municipal waste management companies, Vestia collaborated with Elenium Oy to reform the systems responsible for the operations of the waste management centres by means of a common project which resulted in the development and introduction of the MaterialPort ERP system.

MaterialPort Center at Ylivieska’s waste management centre

The MaterialPort Center ERP system is in use at Vestia’s waste management centre in Ylivieska. MaterialPort includes an electronic waste transfer note which provides the system with information about the transport before the transfer has been moved. The electronic waste transfer note facilitates the work of customers using the weighing functions and the work of Vestia’s customer service representatives. The driver can carry out the weighing event either via the mobile application or the customer service representative can carry it out from their own terminal. Any waste load inspections and changes to product details can be made via the modern and user-friendly mobile or desktop interface.

Other significant features include functions concerning inventory management and reporting which facilitate the work concerning the operation of the waste management centre.