February 17, 2023 IT Elenium

MaterialPort platform gets new integrated POS system

POS system for waste management companies

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our MaterialPort product line – an incorporated point-of-sale (POS) system. This new feature eliminates the need for separate point-of-sale software and helps to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

With the MaterialPort Station and the new POS system, waste management companies can streamline their waste station operations and provide a better customer experience. The system is fully customizable to fit the specific needs of each waste station, allowing waste management companies to configure the system to meet their unique requirements. This includes setting up products with different units of measure (such as weight or volume), prices, and categories. All can be individually configured to each locations needs.

When a customer arrives at the waste station, the cashier can easily select the items that the customer has brought, and the POS system will automatically calculate the taxes and end sum for the items. The cashier can then set the amount to be paid, and the customer can pay using their preferred method of payment on the NETS card terminal. Receipts can be delivered via email or printed out from the terminal. After payment is completed, the visit is saved to the system, and the customer can drop off their items in the correct container.

The processing of visits and payment transactions in the system is fast, which is particularly important during peak hours. In addition, having only one digital platform for operating a waste station can help to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs of the waste management company.

The new POS system is just one example of the many new and useful features that are coming to our MaterialPort platform. We will continue to develop more innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the waste management industry.

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