Waste management centres

Modern digital solutions for waste management and the industry
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A modern ERP system for the needs of waste management and the industry.

As a diverse and expandable entity, MaterialPort is a suitable solution as an ERP system for all companies that process material flows.

Weighing functions

Waste transfer notes

Inventory management



Access control

MaterialPort as a solution

MaterialPort is a diverse ERP system and entity of services, which has been developed for the needs of waste management companies operating in the EU as well as other companies utilising material flows. MaterialPort is used for the operations of waste management companies’ waste management centres and waste centres. The operations focus on weighing events, digital waste transfer notes, inventory management, reporting in accordance with environmental permits as well as waste management processes.

Users of MaterialPort are operators in the waste management sector and industry, who wish to benefit from the operational efficiency provided by digitalisation while expanding their own selection of services. Beneficiaries also include the user companies’ business and consumer customers who will find it a lot quicker and easier to deal with waste at the waste management centres and waste centres.

Diverse expansions to MaterialPort are available for various purposes and needs. MaterialPort Station enables the operation of self-service waste centres via a mobile application developed for consumer use.

In addition to this, operations are expanded with MaterialPort Lense which has been developed for the identification of registration plates, MaterialPort Control an expansion for access control as well as MaterialPort Signage which has been developed for the signage functions of the information displays.