Diverse access control of vehicles for various environments

MaterialPort Control is a SaaS-based solution that operates as a cloud service for the access control of industrial areas, parking areas or other areas that involve booms or gates. MaterialPort Control bases the vehicles’ registration plate in the identifier data on which basis access is permitted and the gates/boom is automatically opened for all or part of the area according to the access rights issued to the vehicle in the system. It is also possible to acquire an overall MaterialPort Lense solution which includes the cameras intended for the identification of vehicle registration plates.

Access control solution for small or large needs

In its most simple form, MaterialPort Control can be used with one boom or gate. It allows authorised people, such as workers, to access the area after the identification of their registration plate.

However, the guidelines built into the system allow for extremely diverse opportunities to control the access control of all gated or boom-equipped areas. The access control guidelines also allow automatic temporary access permits to be issued as well as the creation of time and date based permits. The opening of booms can also be authorised via the mobile application. If necessary, the supervisor or guard of the area can open the gate remotely. Entries of all openings are left in the system’s log details on which basis you can check who has been in the area at a certain time.

Independently or jointly

The MaterialPort Control system can be introduced as a completely independent entity or it can be easily introduced as an expansion to an existing instance of MaterialPort.